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Google Rolls Out New Featured Snippets With Expandable Subtopics

Google Rolls Out New Featured Snippets With Expandable Subtopics Google has introduced a new type of featured snippet dedicated to displaying more in-depth information about a topic. Similar to how Google displays featured snippets for individual topics, Google can now display a featured snippet that details the differences and/or similarities between two things. Within the featured snippet, searchers can use drop-down tabs to further explore various subtopics. Google provided an example of a comparison between quartz and granite, with expandable subtopics related to cost, benefits, weight, and durability. “Now when you search for something like [quartz vs. granite], you’ll see a panel with a set of relevant subtopics to explore. As another example, when you search [emergency fund], you’ll get a quick view of information that relates to the recommended size, purpose, and importance of an emergency fund, and you can easily click the links to these relevant sources learn more.” Google says these featured snippets are designed to surface what it understands to be common and useful aspects of a topic. The snippets are automatically generated, so there is no specific type of markup needed in order for content to be included in them. “These new panels are automatically generated based on our understanding of these topics from content on the web, and we hope you find them useful as they roll out over the next few days.” Google notes that this update is part of a series of improvements the company is making to help people access information faster. The first in this series of improvements was rolled out in February when Google introduced multifaceted featured snippets .

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